Which Gutter Guard System Is Right for My Property?

Cleaning your gutters is a messy and unpleasant job and hiring a professional to do it for you, often seems like unnecessary spending. You can put the headache of gutter cleaning behind you by installing gutter guards on your property. With DIY Gutter Guards, you can even install them yourself for a fraction of the cost of outsourcing the job to a handyman.

Before rolling up your sleeves, it’s important to understand which gutter guard system is right for your property. This guide will cover the characteristics of each of our DIY gutter guards so that you can make an informed decision about which is the best option.

Colorbond Gutter Guard

Endorsed by Better Homes & Gardens, Colorbond gutter guards are made from exceptionally durable and highly functional Colorbond steel. These DIY gutter guards look fantastic on your roof and feature an exclusive patented design for the highest levels of performance. With the highest possible fire rating, Colorbond gutter guards are an excellent choice for people living in areas where bushfires are common. With twenty colours to choose from for corrugated roofs and custom-sizing for tile roofs, there is a Colorbond system to match every roof. All Colorbond gutter guards come with a 25-year warranty so you can be sure that you’ll only be needing to purchase one gutter guard system over the next quarter century.

Stainless Steel Gutter Guard

Available in six saddle covers for corrugated roofs and custom sizes for tile roofs, the stainless-steel gutter guard is the ideal choice for folks who harvest rainwater. Stainless steel gutter guards feature a patented ribbed micromesh design and incorporate water diverting technology for superior performance. With a mesh size of 0.33mm in diameter, these gutter guards will keep unwanted debris such as pine needles and leave out of your gutter system and significantly reduce the amount of silt build-up in your tanks. Manufactured from marine-grade stainless steel, you can be sure that durability and reliability are at the forefront of this design.

Aluminium Gutter Guard

If total ease of installation is what you’re after, then an Aluminium gutter guard is the right choice for you. There’s no need to insert screws or drill holes in your gutter with these gutter guards, and the aluminium system fits discreetly into your gutter which looks excellent. Constructed from high-grade aluminium, this gutter guard system features the same micro-mesh technology that will keep your gutters clear and functioning properly. These gutter guards continently come in great value packs of 5. With a 10-year warranty, you can kick back and relax knowing that your gutters have been taken care of for the next decade!

Choosing the right gutter guard for your needs is an important process. Whether you’re after the utmost in fire protection, harvesting rainwater or merely want to keep your gutters free from debris and working as they should, then there is a DIY Gutter Guard that can help you to reach your goals. If you’re still unclear about which type of gutter guard is right for your home, then don’t hesitate to visit the DIY Gutter Guard website today!

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