The Advantages of a Gutter Guard System for My Australian Home

A blocked gutter can throw a serious spanner in the works. If you’ve ever had to get your ladder out and climb up and fish leaves out of your guttering, you’d probably admit that it’s not your favourite task in the world. From water damage to vermin infestations and risks posed by bushfires, a blocked gutter can set your home up for real trouble. However, there is a solution that will keep your gutters free from debris and take the pain out of the task of gutter maintenance once and for all – the DIY Gutter Guard system.

Save Time & Money

If you don’t have a gutter guard, over time, your gutters will become clogged. When this happens, you’ll likely have to spend time either cleaning your gutters yourself or hiring a professional to do the job. With DIY Gutter Guard, you’ll dramatically reduce the frequency with which you’ll have to clean your gutters, leaving your Saturday afternoon that would be spent on a ladder with your gloves on, free for more enjoyable activities.

Keep Vermin at Bay

Stagnant water that builds up in blocked and partially blocked gutters is a favourite hang-out spot of vermin and insects such as rats, squirrels, mice, bats, spiders, mosquitoes and cockroaches. By installing a DIY Gutter Guard on your home, you’ll minimise blockages and thereby reduce the quantities of water that sits in your gutters. All of a sudden, your guttering doesn’t look like the five-star hotel it once did to our vermin friends, so they’ll move on and seek lodging elsewhere.

Fire Protection

If you live in an area where bushfires are frequent, then gutter guards offer you additional protection. During a bushfire, hot embers drift long distances in the air and can encounter debris in your gutters. This debris acts like tinder and can rapidly ignite into a full-blown fire, which is horrible news for your home. With a gutter guard, you’ll significantly decrease your risk of an impromptu bonfire because you’ll have both less debris in your gutter and a physical barrier to keep burning ashes out.

Optimise Water Flow

If you are harvesting rainwater, gutter guards will strengthen the flow of water through your gutters by reducing debris. It will not only facilitate faster re-filling of your tank when it rains, but it will also ensure that you have less silt build-up in your tank.

Blocked gutters can cause many irritating problems, ranging from mildly annoying issues to outright dangerous situations. A Gutter guard is a simple and effective solution that allows you to take the stress out of managing your gutters and relax in the knowledge that your home is safe.

DIY Gutter Guard is a unique patented system that any home ‘do it yourself’ enthusiast can install. This revolutionary system is made with Australian made BlueScope Colorbond steel and acts like a fine cheese grater over your gutters, allowing water to freely flow while keeping any unwanted matter out of the system. It’s been installed on thousands of Australian homes with fantastic results, so why not get your hands on your gutter guard today.

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