How a Gutter Guard Will Protect Your Melbourne Home!

Vinyl, aluminium and polyethylene mesh – these are just some of the materials used to make gutter guards for your Melbourne home.

Here’s the thing about gutters – they fill up with leaves, debris, mud – name it! For enhanced gutter performance, gutter guards were invented. Let’s explore the reasons why installing gutter guards is vital to protecting your home:

Stop Blockages and Improve Water Flow

When gutters get blocked, the effects can spill over to your house, literally. Do you hate those unsightly stains that form on walls when it rains? Overflowing water will not just spoil your walls; it can also damage your house’s foundation. Installing the right gutter guard is the tried and tested way of protecting your home from all this misery.

In case you are a proponent of rainwater, then you have one more reason to install a gutter guard. You want to enjoy clean water and take advantage of your rainwater tank investment, right? Buy a gutter guard!

Keep Birds and Vermin Away

Birds are adorable (mostly), but when they mess up your house’s exterior with their droppings, it’s not a pretty sight. Add to that list mice and rats, and you’ll not think twice about getting a gutter guard.

A gutter guard acts as a barrier that prevents birds and rodents from making your rooftop a permanent destination.

Protect Your Melbourne Home From Bush Fires

By choosing the best gutter guards in the market, you just might be saving your house and property from potential bush fires.

It is not uncommon to hear of bush fires in Melbourne due to the extremely high temperatures, especially during summer. Houses near bushland areas are especially at risk, as embers of a bush fire as far as 5 kilometres away can land on leaves in a gutter and cause a fire.

Installing a gutter guard may not completely protect your home, but it does significantly reduce the risk of a fire associated with the accumulated dry leaves in your gutter. Be sure to check that the gutter guard you’re buying is fireproof.

Get Less Debris, Prevent Gutter Freezing.

Come winter, the story shifts from fires to gutter freezing. Due to the low temperatures, ice and frozen water is twice the original weight. It may lead to a crumpled or bent gutter, and most often, the trough may separate from the hangers.

Again, gutter guards are not completely eliminatory, but at least they reduce the debris that accumulates. It, in turn, makes it a tad difficult for ice dams to form and keeps your gutter strong for a few more years.

Bottom line

It may not seem like an immediate necessity at first, but you’ll have yourself to thank for investing in a gutter guard. Not only will it save you precious time and money, but it will also extend your gutter’s lifespan for much longer!

If you’re living in Melbourne, be on the safe side by ordering yours here today. Somebody said it’s better to be safe than sorry!

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