Can I Install My Gutter Guard Myself?

You’ve probably already heard about the many benefits of having a gutter guard installed on your home however many people don’t realise that with our DIY Gutter Guard anyone with some basic handyman skills can install their very own gutter guard themselves – it couldn’t be easier.
Installing your gutter guard is brilliant because you don’t have to fork out any money to a professional who would do the same job as yourself.

Thousands of folks from all over Australia from Brisbane to Perth have already installed their DIY Gutter Guards and are enjoying the many benefits that debris-free gutters have to offer. So, block off a couple of hours next weekend, measure your gutters, and order your DIY Gutter Guard, and get ready to upgrade your home.

Step one: Measure

We need to know how much gutter guard we will need to buy. So, break out a trust ladder and a good measuring tape. Work your way around measuring the length of your gutters. Once you’ve collected all the measurements, add about 10% extra length to account for overlap and wastage. If you have a tiled roof then you’ll also need to measure the fold – the fold refers to the gap between the gutter lip and the edge of the tiles. This fold lies mostly between 70-100mm. Make sure that the bottom row of tiles can be slid back (i.e. There is no cyclone clips or nails).

Step Two: Decide on Colour and Material

We don’t only want our gutter to be functional; we want them to look the part too. You can choose from Australian-made Colorbond steel. We stock a range of colours for you to choose from, so you can ensure your DIY Gutter Guard is the perfect fit for your Australian home.

Step Three: Install

Before you install anything, we need to clean out the gutters and make sure there is no debris in them. Then, when you’re ready to install your new gutter guards, the method that you follow will depend on what type of roof you have (tiled or corrugated) and what kind of material you have selected in the previous step.

Installing your own DIY Gutter Guards is a fun and straightforward home improvement project that you can complete in a couple of hours with basic tools and a little DIY knowledge. Gutter guards help to not only minimise the risk of blocked gutters and water damage but also reduce the likelihood of pest infestations and premature corrosion. If you live in a place where bushfires are a frequent possibility, like Brisbane or Melbourne, then gutter guards can protect your house from the risks of fire by keeping hot embers out of your gutters and keeping your gutters debris free.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started installing your own DIY Gutter Guard today!

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