It Is Easy to Install a DIY Gutter Guard – Here`s How!

Installing a DIY Gutter Guard is more straightforward than what you might think. With our kit and clear instructions, you’ll be able to fly through the process. However, it is vital that you put safety first and take some preventive measures.

Installing Your DIY Gutter Guard

As daunting as DIY home projects might sound, for the average handyman, getting your gutter guard kit installed is a straightforward task. There’s no need to stress about the process. With the right tools and with our instructions in hand, you can get your DIY gutter guard installed and functioning in no time.

What You’ll Need

You don’t need an extensive collection of tools to get your gutter guard installed on your own. Our kits already include almost everything you need (even the screws)! Other tools you’ll need are a cordless drill/screw gun with drill bits (5/16), Tinsnips, a safety harness and other safety equipment, a ladder and a flat blade screwdriver (for tiled roofs). In some cases, you might need a silicone gun.

Safety Reminder

Working on a ladder always poses a danger. It is why we firmly insist on taking the appropriate precautions to reduce the risk of injury or damage. Set your ladder in a surface that can provide firm support. Avoid working on uneven or slippery surfaces. That means waiting for your gutter to dry, if you’ve hosed down your gutter in the cleaning process.

The right safety equipment is also a must. Always use a safety anchored harness and opt for non-slip shoes. And as a rule, if you don’t feel comfortable working on a ladder, you should solicit assistance from someone who does.

The Installation Process

The steps to install a DIY gutter guard are pretty simple: you clean your gutter, trim the mesh and then install it. The actual process varies a bit depending on your type of roof. Installation can be somewhat more challenging when it comes to tiled valleys, so keep that under consideration.

Before Getting Started

First, you must remove the plastic coating on the trims. For easy installation and a clean finish, we recommend pre-drilling the holes 250-330 mm apart.

It is also necessary to clean your gutter entirely before installing your DIY gutter guard kit. You can use a plastic gutter scoop for the job or hose the gutter down

We’ll Walk You Through the Process

We provide a detailed guide covering the exact process involved to install your gutter guard on any roof. You’ll have to trim the mesh to the right length leaving a slight overhang and secure it in place using the trims and screws. There are modified instructions to install our kit on iron and tile roofs. If you have any questions, our website provides information on how to handle all the materials included in the kit. Just follow the steps for a hassle-free installation.

If you are looking to install gutter guards for your roof, there’s no need to go through a complicated and tedious process. Just call and order a DIY gutter guard kit today.

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