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The mesh is produced by Tapex. It is a polyester based – powder coated aluminium available in a wide range of Colorbond colours. Aluminium and most of its alloys are resistant to the majority of corrosion. It has been tested by the CSIRO and has a flammability index of 0, making it more than suitable for bushfire prone areas. We recommend you do not use the aluminium on Raw Galvanised roofs in areas of high corrosion as they are dislike metals.

Download a copy of the Tapex Aluminium Mesh Warranty and the CSIRO Test Report .

HDPE poly mesh

It is produced by Tapex and is made from a UV Stabilised High Density Polyethylene plastic making it suitable for Australia’s harsh conditions. It comes in a large range of colours and is the product we recommend on raw galvanised roof in corrosive conditions.

Download a copy of the Tapex HDPE Poly Mesh Warranty .


The Trims are rolled from Colorbond coil. They are 10 x 15mm. They come in 2 metre lengths and are available in most Colorbond colours.

Corrugated Saddle

Saddles are made from Colorbond steel. They are produced in such a way that the mesh fits neatly and follows the contours of your roof. They are available in most Colorbond colours. They are pre drilled for ease of installation.

TrimDek Saddle

They are also made from Colorbond steel. This is ideal for Trimdek, Monoclad and Superdek. They are pre drilled for ease of installation.


All screws needed are supplied. They have coloured heads to match the trims / saddles. The screws are 10 gauge x 16mm, class 4 hex head tek screws. We have found these to be the best screws for gutter guard installation. Having coloured heads makes for an aesthetically pleasing job.

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