Is Your Home Suitable For A Gutter Guard?

Perhaps you’re feeling the pressure of installing a gutter guard. However, you’re not quite sure if your Adelaide home needs one. We give you some pointers that will inform you whether your home is suitable for a gutter guard or not.

Inspecting your home’s gutters and maintaining them can be tedious. But gutter guards are here to make that work even more comfortable. Gutter guards do not just save you the maintenance fee; they also extend your gutter’s longevity and give you cleaner rainwater. Before we dive deep into the whys to consider before making the choice, let’s look at some of the most common gutter guard systems in Adelaide :

Reverse Curve Guards – These guards are made of metal or vinyl and sit at the gutter opening. They are designed to prevent debris from resting in the gutter while allowing water to slip through. The main disadvantage of this type of gutter guard is that they cannot withstand heavy rainwater.

Sponge Gutter Guards – Here, a sponge is placed to take the shape of the gutter. Water can flow through while letting the heavy debris accumulate. The downside of this gutter guard is that small materials such as seeds may get caught in the sponge and grow-a breeding place of sorts.

Split Gutter Guards – These gutter guards are more like reverse guards, but with one or two slots that increase the amount of water that flows through into the gutter.

Metal Screen Guards – These gutter guards are metallic and come in shorter forms fastened to the gutter’s lip. Though averagely cheap and easy to install, they clog up quickly because of their small openings.

Micro Mesh Gutter Guards – These gutter guards are one of the most common in Adelaide. Made of filtering mesh material, micro mesh guards have a support frame that provides the best flow of water. These type of gutter guards offer better performance but are more difficult to install.

Factors to Consider Before Installing Gutter Guards in Adelaide

Some homes, especially those near bush areas, tend to have more leaf debris than others. One of the primary uses of gutter guards is to keep debris to a minimum. In the case that your home location in Adelaide is in these woodsy areas, you might want to consider getting a gutter guard.

The frequency of gutter maintenance in your home is another factor to consider. If you’re one of those people that forget entirely to clean their gutters every year, installing gutter guards is your next safe bet. Gutter guards will protect your gutters from sagging and their eventual falling off. You should, hence, consider marking a date on the calendar for gutter care. If you’re too busy to remember, get a professional to do it.

Maybe you’re keen on harvesting rainwater. In that case, you need a rain collection system for your roof. Since gutters are the transport system for rain, why not protect them from obstructions?

Bottom Line

Besides these points, other structural factors such as the type and slope of your roof also come into play.

Different homes have different situations, depending on the environment, roof type as mentioned and so on. Having a good understanding of your home’s particular condition will help you make a more informed choice when it comes to gutter guards. Consider the solutions covered here and make the right decision.

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