The Importance of Choosing the Right Gutter Guard Mesh

Gutter Guard Mesh is the critical component to making your DIY gutter guard kit work for you. Its permeable surface allows water to flow through while still covering the gutter to keep debris out.

You should select the type of gutter guard mesh you want to install based on your particular home. Different roofing or external conditions can favour a specific kind of mesh over another when it comes to function. Matching your home’s look is also a factor that often gets overlooked.

It’s important to learn about the gutter guard mesh options available before you make a choice.

Colour Matters

Besides choosing the right gutter guard mesh material, it’s essential to select its colour to complement your home’s look. Many people often dismiss this part of the process and get to regret it in the long run.

Even if your roof is only limitedly visible, going the extra mile and matching your gutter guard to your roof goes a long way on creating a cohesive image that is pleasant to the eye. In home design, it’s the small details that can cost you on style.

Material Variety

Different material options are available for your gutter guard mesh. Aluminium is by far the most commonly sold mesh. Our aluminium product is durable and safe. The polyester-based, powder-coated aluminium mesh, produced by Tapex, is equipped to resist most corrosion. It has a flammability index of 0 making it a prime choice if you live in a bushfire-prone area. It is available in 18 different colour options, so matching it to your home is very easy. We offer 15 years guarantee on our aluminium mesh gutter guards.

Another mesh material option is Polyethylene. It is best suited for galvanised steel roofing. It is durable and available in 13 different colour options, created to best suit your home. If you live in a heavy-rainfall zone poly-mesh is especially effective. Due to its high density, it can effectively resist highly-corrosive conditions.

The quality of our materials, supplied by Tapex, is undoubtedly the best. The Australian company is continuously testing the products to guarantee the best results and has been working in Australia for 125 years – talk about experience!

You can visit our website to get further information on our full variety of mesh colours and sizing. We offer different lengths of mesh to better suit the different types of roofing, so selecting the right one is essential to install your gutter guard mesh successfully.

We offer gutter guard mesh kits that can be delivered throughout Australia and include everything you need for a seamless installation. Our products are created to withstand harsh Australian weather, provide maximum function and still work in favour of your home’s beauty and look. The best part is that you can easily install it on your own!

Call and order your DIY gutter guard kit today.

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